Our community is being destroyed by heroin.

Manatee is the drug death capital of Florida. We have drug use taking place in our church parking lot. The drug epidemic is not on the other side of town, it’s in our backyard. Our community, our neighbors need hope.

The purpose of Hope Against Heroin is to bring the hope of Christ to all people.

On January 28, 2017, we will have our Hope Against Heroin community outreach event. We need to build trust and relationships with those that are outside our church walls. Hope Against Heroin will bring our community to our campus for fun, food, relationships, and hope. We will provide information about ministries and organizations that help those that are in need.

Statewide, drug-related deaths rose by 13.9 percent and heroin-related deaths overall increased by a staggering 79.7 percent.

The drug-related deaths don’t seem to be going down. The Bradenton Herald reported that the District 12 medical examiner’s office has performed a record number of autopsies in part due to the spike on heroin- and fentanyl-related overdoses. Last year, the District 12 office performed a total 820 autopsies of the three counties, where 397 of those were in Manatee County. The average is from 625 to 650 per year.

How you can help

There are many ways you can help. We will need leadership before, during, and after this ministry event. Below are the different teams with a brief description of each team.

Prayer Team: Making prayer first. This team will not only pray for all involved, but will keep prayer needs before the church through our Life Groups.

5K Run Team: They will help organize and lead the logistics of the run (timing company, road course, registration, safety, and security for runners). The purpose of the run is to raise awareness.

Farmer’s Market Team: Lead with getting produce and canned goods. Organize logistics on the day of the market.

Sponsorship Team: This team will locate businesses and individuals that are willing to help fund the ongoing ministry of Hope Against Heroin. Ongoing ministry to addicts and their loved ones is the ultimate goal of the ministry.

Business Support Team: This team will identify businesses in the area that are willing to hire those on the path to recovery.

Car Wash Team: This team will offer a car wash on the day of the event in January to help draw in neighbors.

Children Ministry Team: They will organize and oversee the children’s area on the day of the even in January. The adults on this team will also focus on connecting with parents the day of the event.

Set-up Team: Will take care of the physical set up of the gym and parking lot on the day of the event.

Clean-up Team: Will clean up after the event.

Registration Team: This team will have guests register for door prizes and follow up.

Follow-up Team: Using registration cards, this team will follow up and build relationships with the guests that came to the event.

Youth Team: This team will organize an area, similar to the children’s area, that will be interesting to the youth in attendance the day of the event.

Invitation Assistants Team: This team will guide those that make decisions at the end of the day. They will counsel with those that made a profession of faith and help them with next steps as new believers.

Hope Team: People of this team will invest in the lives of those that are looking for help and guidance. They will reach out and build relationships and keep them accountable.

Greeters: This team will welcome people as they arrive on campus and giving directions to our event on campus.

Parking Team: They will help with direction traffic and welcoming those as they arrive.

Partnering Team: Help bring organizations and other ministries to our campus that will provide information and resources.

Media/Marketing Team: Lead in getting information about Hope Against Heroin out to our community…newspaper, radio, etc.

If you have any questions or have any information that may benefit any of these teams please contact us.

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